Studio Mina Visser

Hey, I'm Willemien Visser. I live in Amsterdam and also have my studio there.

After years of experimentation with acrylic paint on linen, I developed my own technique and my own signature. Locally, it got a very enthusiastic response and after I'd completed and sold my first commissioned work, there was no stopping me.

In my studio, I turn on the music, put on my apron, grab my tools and lose myself completely in my creativity. I often work on several canvases simultaneously so I can look at them, add to them, make changes and improve them - I'm not easily satisfied. On average, a good canvas will take me around 4 to 6 weeks.

I prefer to do large canvases, working with acrylic paint and sprays, with palette knives, scrapers, brushes and my own hands. I like to use lots of thick layers on top of each other. This creates a texture that comes alive in the right lighting.

If you want to come and take a look, please feel free to contact me. Mina Visser